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MedTest announces Commercial Launch of Drugs of Abuse Screening on the BA-800M Chemistry Analyzer

Feb 21, 2017 - press releases

(Canton, Michigan)  MedTest announces the commercial launch of urine drugs of abuse screening reagents on the Mindray BA-800M Chemistry Analyzer for use in clinical laboratories in the United States.

The broad urine drugs of abuse screening menu available on the BA-800M meets the three challenges of large volume laboratories performing such testing:  efficiency in processing a large number of samples, efficiency in reagent utilization and reduced overall operating costs.  A complete chemistry testing menu is also in development for the BA-800M analyzer. 

The BA-800M Chemistry Analyzer produces 800 photometric test results per hour with an overall throughput of 1200 tests per hour with ISE.  The Sample Delivery Module provides a sample capacity of 440 positions, providing large-volume laboratories hours of unmanned operational time.  The reagent consumption design of this analyzer minimizes reagent usage per test and reduces the reagent bottle dead volume insuring that the laboratory is efficiently utilizing the reagents and providing the lowest consumption cost per test.   Advanced features of the BA-800M Analyzer offer processing efficiencies such as continuous reagent loading, Reagent Bubble Detection, Water Quality Monitor, One-Key STAT Touch button, Probe Liquid Level and Clot Detection, and Collision Recovery which provides the laboratory with smooth operational and enhanced workflow efficiencies.  A unique capability is that the BA-800M can be twinned to double the operating and throughput capacity for those labs that need to grow their testing capability. 

Hanjoon Ryu, CEO of MedTest, stated: “MedTest is privileged to introduce this model, designed for the large-volume laboratory, to the US market.  Adding the BA-800M to our instrument portfolio of the BS-200 and the BS-480 enhances our testing solutions across the board from small volume labs to very large volume labs.  Being able to twin the BA-800M analyzer provides the laboratory with confidence that they can double their testing volume without having to adopt a new testing system and all of the corresponding validation work associated with a new system.”

About Mindray:  Mindray is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices worldwide. Mindray maintains the global headquarters in Shenzhen, China, the U.S. headquarters in Mahwah, New Jersey and multiple sales offices in major international markets. From the main manufacturing and engineering base in China, Mindray supplies through our worldwide distribution network a broad range of products across three primary business segments, namely patient monitoring and life support, in-vitro diagnostic, and medical imaging systems.

About MedTest:  MedTest is a diagnostics company that provides automated, fast, and cost effective blood and urine testing solutions for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, drugs of abuse, pain management and wellness testing.  In June 2013, MedTest acquired Pointe Scientific, a company that has been developing, manufacturing and distributing clinical diagnostic products including clinical chemistry reagents and instruments in the United States and internationally since 1981.  In the fall of 2014, MedTest acquired Clinitox Diagnostix, a company that manufactures and supports drug confirmatory testing via Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS).

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Debbie Whitehair, MT(ASCP)SC
Vice President, Marketing

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