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Ronald Jamison - Vice President, Director of Technical Operations


Mr. Jamison is responsible for the technical operations required to support the technical design, development, direction, service, support, production, and performance of Pointe Scientific’s products and services. Together with the Vice President of Operations, Mr. Jamison develops policies that meet the company's planning and formulating goals and objectives. The superior performance of Pointe Scientific's products and services, from development to final use, is the direct result of Mr. Jamison's vision and leadership.

Professional History

Mr. Jamison has been with Pointe Scientific since 1991, most recently as Vice President and Director of Technical Operations since 2010, and previously as the QA/Technical Service Manager. Prior to joining Pointe Scientific, Ron served for 11 years as Lead Chemistry Technologist for National Reference Laboratory.

Industry Leadership

Mr. Jamison is licensed and certified as, and is a member of the:

  • American Society for Clinical Pathology
  • Health Education and Welfare
  • Medical Technologist

He has authored or co-authored the following abstracts:

  • Determination of HDL using a Modified Dextran Sulfate-Magnesium Precipitate, Clinical Chemistry, Vol. 38, No. 6, July 1992
  • Development of a Total Bilirubin Method free of Organic Solvents, Clinical Chemistry, Vol. 38, No. 6,1992
  • Determination of Bicarbonate by an enzymatic method using Phosphoenolpyrate Carboxylase for a recombinant microbial source, Clinical Chemistry, Vol. 38, No. 6, 1992
  • Evaluation of an Automated Methodology for the Determination of HDL Cholesterol in Serum, 1997
  • Development of a liquid stable chemistry reagent line for Hitachi analyzers, Clinical Chemistry, Vol. 48, No. 6, 2002